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CMU Alumni Speak: Edwin

Meet Edwin Kairu; a Carnegie Mellon Alumni with over 5 years of experience in vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and network forensics and malware analysis. He has worked in both the private and non-governmental sectors, having held several different positions at Deloitte & Touche, the World Bank and a global financial institution based in New York. […]


Girls Inspiring Girls: CMU-R Girls

You’ve heard the saying, “… Educate a Girl; Educate a Nation – Brigham Young“, Carnegie Mellon University – Rwanda believes in empowering women and encouraging girls to pursue their dreams and reach for the stars. Here are a couple of stories from some of “CMU-R Girls”… Lynn K. Frist Year Student Share her experience about […]


Girls Inspiring Girls: Esther

Meet Esther, one of the pioneer girls from the first intake of CMU-R. She also happens to be the class vice president and the CEO of a start-up called Osac Connect Ltd. Osac Connect Ltd is a start-up that develops mobile and web application in Rwanda. We caught up with her as a student currently […]


Girls Inspiring Girls: Crystal

Crystal joined Carnegie Mellon University in April 2009 charged with the task of managing the development and implementation of CMU-R. In this capacity, she was responsible for developing the proposal for CMU-R and coordinating all aspects of the project for Carnegie Mellon University and the Government of Rwanda. Prior to joining Carnegie Mellon University, she […]


#whyCMUR I need your Help! Yes YOU…

Hi *waves with a HUGE grin* Sooo starting TODAY (Tuesday, 29th October), I launching an online campaign called #whyCMUR. This campaign started out as an assignment for one of the courses I am doing (Strategic Use of Digital Information for Enterprise), but has turned into something personal. The assignment is to come up with a […]


Special Deds to My Daddy

He was larger than life… Every time I listen to this song or sing it, I remember Him. Plus the lyrics are so appropriate for this his little girl… My fav version is done by Cassadee Pope during the NBC show The Voice Lyrics Weather man said it’s gonna snow By now I should be […]

Mystic Mini

Open Love Letter To You…

This seemed like such an awesome idea when it was still in my head, but now, I seem to have lost everything that I wanted to say. Not even sure where to start, or even where. If I fudge this, bear with me – I really want to do this, but my usual endless supply […]


Choosing a Top-Tier University… CMU-R

We watch college movies all the time and in these movies, we see the actors portray longing to receive acceptance letters from certain schools. The schools of their dreams, the schools that their parents have been talking about since they were little. Maybe if you are reading this and you are exposed and have high […]


What? 7 What? OMG!! No!! Where did time fly? Who stole my time? Who made the days run and the hours skip? This journey started out 7 months ago. This journey started with a semi bored girl trolling the internet for spark and excitement. I applied here and there, a wistful dream lingering in the […]


Please Vote: The Proof is in the Numbers

Blogging competition on ”Teen Pregnancy in Uganda” by the UNFPA. My sister is taking part, take a read and please vote for her! Over seven billion people walk the earth, 37,873,253 of them are Ugandans. Two million of these, minors lured into marriage every year according to a report compiled by UNFPA, UNICEF,WHO and The World Bank. […]


Tales Of A First Time Aunt

Pregnacy was cool. Listening to baby move. Trying to make baby wake up. That was me… The aunt living on the edge. Yup… I was so psyched you would think it was me that was preggers. Then came labour. That was us. Waiting for baby to show up. As usual… baby had a mind of […]


Yay! My First Feature…

As the title suggests… I am very very excited!! Tehehehe… You smile but I’m jumping up and down – bouncing off the walls No, I doubt I will ever get used to this feeling… “The most awesome part of my day is when my code works! I get up and do the funky chicken, especially if I have […]


Kisubi Tea

*UPDATE* It’s Lemon Grass NOT Elephant Grass… Excuse my blatant blunder – Please do not put Elephant Grass in your tea and then leave me angry comments Lunch time is when the aroma hit me – You know that aroma that takes you back to that point of craving. Yup that was me at lunch […]


Oh Orange… Why?

So for months now a lot of us have taken to Twitter to engage the different telecom providers that we subscribe to. For the last couple of months, I  have been part of the subscribers doing exactly that. Alas, this is why we are told by the generation before us not to have high expectations […]


Google I/O 2013: Inspired!

As I write this, I feel like I have morphed into my parents, spouting stories that started with: “Back in My day…” – This feeling definitely lends itself to the notion “what was in the beginning, shall be again”. I just attended my first Google I/O and to say that I was blown away would […]


Tech Needs MORE Girls!

To say that I had waited for this day with baited breath would be a GROSS understatement! I scratched my head trying to figure out what I would not have found boring in High School but I kept drawing up blanks. We were set to celebrate the International Girls in ICT day with the beautiful […]


RIP Daddy: One Month Today

It’s been one month, and I still remember the last night we were sitting together in the sitting room. You ran to the living room because you wanted to watch the penalties between SA and some other country, you wanted to turn off some of the garden lights, the next morning I walked you to […]


Words. Terms. Names.

I cannot, for the life of me, fathom why people are using all sorts of terminology to refer to my dad. Okay, yes, he has died – but do we have to call him names. Has death taken away from him? Robbed him of his name? Omurambo. The Body. The Remains. The Deceased. I just […]


My Petition

Today, I find myself tired. Not a physical tiredness for that can be pacified by a carton of Red Bull. No. This is a soul-wrenching tiredness. We seem to rotate in a never ending game of Cat and Mouse with fate. One step forward and three dozen back. Almost like an invisible obstacle. Just there, […]


They Aren’t That Many, Any More

One week ago today I got the news. One week ago today, my heart was shattered. One week ago today, they asked my mum if she was seated. One week ago today, they pronounced my father dead. One week ago today, I stood numb in my parents room. One week ago today, my heart raced […]