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15 September

Stop Stalling, Start Creating – By Jeff Goins

I just found this and thought I should share:

Stop Stalling, Start Creating

By Jeff Goins

I heard this great piece of advice on a brilliant podcast last week when Brian Clark asked Seth Godin his best writing practices. Seth, in typical form, responded (my paraphrase):

We have this idea that if we ate the same breakfast cereal that Stephen King ate, we’d be able to write like him. It isn’t true.

What does he call our obsession with celebrities’ and famous authors’ best creative practices?


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4 Responses to “Stop Stalling, Start Creating – By Jeff Goins”

  1. petesmama says:

    Hi. Where is the tea and biscuits for the housewarming?

  2. MizPage says:

    @Jeff, Hahaha – I’ll be sure to send some your way

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