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29 October

#whyCMUR I need your Help! Yes YOU…

Hi *waves with a HUGE grin*

Sooo starting TODAY (Tuesday, 29th October), I launching an online campaign called #whyCMUR.

This campaign started out as an assignment for one of the courses I am doing (Strategic Use of Digital Information for Enterprise), but has turned into something personal. The assignment is to come up with a social media
strategy to increase the level of engagement of Carnegie Mellon University –
Rwanda (CMUR) Facebook page.

My group and I decided to go with the strategy of “why CMUR?” “Why Choose CMUR?”. Using past statistics, there are two things we would like this campaign to accomplish:

1. Increase awareness about CMUR and the quality of education that is now at our (Africa’s) disposal

2. Increase the awareness about CMUR specifically to girls

For the next 7 days (starting today), the posts that will be on the page will be tailored by my Group and I to ensure that we reach the above targets.
What has this got to do with you?

The essence of Facebook is the aspect of “social” – for me to reach that girl (your friend’s friend’s friend) who is thinking about a masters but doesn’t know where to start; I need YOU.

What do I need you to do
1. On Tuesday – 29th Oct (Today), like the Facebook page

2. Comment, Like the posts that will be uploaded. There will be 4 posts every day: 6am, 12pm, 4pm & 9pm – I need you to be active on at least two of those posts.

3. Please Please, share the posts – Sharing will widen the reach of the posts to the nth friend.

4. Ask your friends (Especially the girls) to like the page – the more the merrier. The page has a page recommend feature, so you can go crazy.

Why would you do all of this, because for a long time we have cried Ignorance – the more we get the word out, and get our friends to get the word out, the lower the chances of crying “we never knew”. Also currently being at the University, my mind has been broadened in so many ways, I hope to capture some during the week.

Lastly, I would like to take this campaign viral – Let “them” know, about CMUR

If you have any questions, drop me a comment below!


5 Responses to “#whyCMUR I need your Help! Yes YOU…”

  1. Patrick says:

    I actually found out about this University via your Blog and I do have a few questions but for starters am interested in the Masters in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Course, Given that I’ve done a bachelors in Computer Science from Uganda, What are my options?

    P.s I’ve tried getting through to the university via email but have gotten no feedback

    • MizPage says:

      Hey Patrick,
      What email are you writing to?
      I did my undergrad in Uganda and I am loving the experience here.

      • Patrick says:

        I sent mail to ”” and ”” to both i sent mail 2 days ago and i also decided to try again today.
        Ohh! What did you at undergrad level! and what are you doing at Masters level now?

        • MizPage says:

          Hey Patrick, what information are you looking for that is not on the website? Best thing for you to do is, apply through the website if you are interested in the program. I also applied through the site.
          PS: I went to MUK and did IT at CIT (that is what it was called then, no idea what the new name is.

          • Patrick says:

            Am left with one year to complete my bachelors so am just doing a survey for where I can do a masters and given that the Masters offered is Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, That means it may not be a direct entry so that’s the clarification I want. Then I also need the details of the tuition and other fees, That’s all not on the website

            Yes It’s still called CIT

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